“Jesse Kenner was the “go-to” man to obtain my mortgage.  I have now bought 8 homes in my lifetime and nothing has ever gone more smoothly than with his knowing assistance.  At the recommendation of my realtor I contacted him to see about a pre-approval and he had everything set within 24 hours.  Thereafter with every necessary piece of information required he always promptly let me know what was needed and reassured me along the way.  Whenever I would email him about anything he would respond within less than an hour and usually within minutes; even asking me to call him at 8:30 pm his time to be sure I was clear about directions!  He is also quite personable, kind and thoughtful.  I really can’t say enough about what a great job he did for me; he is the best!”  Jean G.


“Jesse Kenner is one of the most thoughtful, prompt, courteous and articulate loan officers I have ever encountered. Jesse’s clear counsel was a fresh of breath air – especially after having to go through this mortgage process with a couple of Big Banks!”  Shambho K.


“Jesse seemed always avialable and knowledgeable! He is way over the top when it comes to customer service!” Bertram S.


“I cannot promote Jesse Kenner enough. I am a first time home buyer so obviously, I had many questions and needs. Jesse’s emails were always right on time, his follow-up was impeccable, he was incredibly kind and he and my realtor (Sandi Warner) truly made an amazing team. Jesse can work with anybody, no matter how experienced or brand new to the process. I’m so thankful I met him and will definitely recommend him to anyone I know that has lending needs and use him if/when I find myself with lending needs as well.” Rachel T.


“I honestly do not know of any way that you could improve the service that Jesse gave. Jesse and his team made this experience so easy for me. Everything was fully explained to me from minute one. If I had a question it was answered within an hour.” Kelly A.


 “I worked with Jesse on the purchase of my third house, and I have to say that he is, without a doubt, the best mortgage lender that I’ve worked with. His responsiveness makes the process so smooth (without him I would not have been able to close on my house as quickly as I needed to). Even though I’ve been through this before, I still have a ton of questions. He made me feel very comfortable and taken care of the whole way through. I have recommended him to friends and KNOW that I will use Mortgage Network again.” K.L.


 “Jesse made me feel like a very valued client and like I was their only client. He had a good sense of humor and was nicely focused on our needs. He is a good listener who provided nicely visual data. He also provided a lot of clarity about the process, and helped to manage our expectations at to the onerousness of the documentation requirements. Thank you, Jesse!” Raymond I.


 “After dealing with some pretty ridiculous mortgage companies, yours was like a breath of fresh air. Additionally, your support staff was also excellent. You guys get an A+ for expediting our somewhat complicated paperwork in a courteous, professional manner. I’m not quite sure when we’ll move–but you will be hearing from us when that time comes.” S.R.


“Jesse Kenner took the time to help us get a pre-approval on a Sunday afternoon so that we could make an offer on a dream home that we knew wouldn’t last. Throughout the rest of the buying process, he and his team were helpful, fast, and responsive.” Douglas S.


“I couldn’t have asked for a better mortgage broker! Jesse was committed to helping me get my loan approved and was consistently thorough in looking at options and details to achieve that. Moreover, throughout the process, Jesse was warm, caring and simply a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Jesse!” S.O.


“As a first time home buyer I was easily intimidated by the whole home buying and mortgage lending processes. Especially not knowing what I should be doing, or not doing, throughout the process. However, once I connected with Jesse and his team, he was able to guide me through the process from mortgage application to closing. They were never pushy to get my business, just wanted to be there to help me. The team was always very responsive with whatever questions I had and educated me from day 1. Looking back I am surprised how much I learned and how easy completing the whole process became by working with Jesse.” Alex G.


“Jesse was excellent. Returned calls quickly and answered our questions (and we had a lot) in plain English. Very friendly and not intimidating for first time home buyers.” Susan A.


 “I want to thank you for making the mortgage component of the process painless, and for providing your expert guidance as well as high-quality referrals for other services that we needed along the way.  Everything went exceptionally smoothly throughout the process, and we are grateful for your help.” Steve A.


“I’m so appreciative for your expertise, patience and kindness throughout. I will be highly recommending you to anyone I know buying or refinancing a home.” K.C


“Thank you so much for helping us to move smoothly and successfully into one new home. We are so grateful for the time, thoughtfulness and advice that you provided. We are so happy in our home and couldn’t have done it without you!” Matthew B.


I worked with Jesse Kenner on purchasing a property. As a newbie to the process and fully informed of how people get taken advantage of in the system, I was very wary dealing with the mortgage aspect of things. Jesse was so much the opposite of what I was expecting. In addition to being knowledgeable, very skilled and just a genuinely nice guy, Jesse is one of those rare people that will answer his cell phone when you call him (or promptly call you back). Based on my experience, I could tell he is super hard working and trustworthy and I can’t recommend him highly enough.” Zika R.


“Jesse’s professionalism and terrific communication skills make what could be an anxiety-inducing experience seamless and clear. He is amazingly responsive and understand that not all buyers are savvy when it comes to the complex process of purchasing a home. He is generous with his time and knowledge. High recommend!” Eliza D.


“Our experience with Jesse was outstanding! We were buying a home using a VA loan program which required a lot of logistical steps. Hesse was very knowledgeable and guided us carefully through the process. He was also very patient with us and responsive to all of our questions (and we had a lot!) Importantly, he made himself accessible even during very late evenings. For example, as we were going through the process we placed offers late at night and Jesse was quick to respond with needed mortgage documentation so that our offer could be processed. He was available via phone and email even on the weekend to explain the newest paperwork we received and never once appeared annoyed without constant inquiries. We highly recommend Jesse!”  Crystal V–L.