Meet Jesse Kenner


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My name is Jesse Kenner and I live on the East Side of Providence with my wife, two daughters and Dog Nellie.

Having grown up in Rhode Island, I am always happy to be a resource for all of the wonderful places, events and people to be found in this beautiful state. As the Branch Manager at Mortgage Network, Inc. in Providence, my philosophy is to listen to each individual’s needs and respond to those needs efficiently and effectively. I strive to build long-term relationships, so that as your local lender, I will be with you each time your life necessitates a home change or refinance. I look forward to fulfilling your home financing needs and to be there for any of your home related questions.

I found this statement on the wall of a popular local ice cream stand and it summarizes perfectly the importance we place on our clients’ financing experience:

“Because the customer has a need,

We have a job to do.

Because the customer has a choice,

We have to be the better choice.

Because the customer has limited time,

We must be quick.

Because the customer has sensibilities,

We must be considerate.

Because the customer is unique,

We must be flexible.

Because the customer has high expectations,

We must excel.

Because the customer has influence,

We have the hope of more customers.

Because of customers,

We exist.”

-­Marty (Of Sunshine Creamery Fame)
Branch Manager, NMLS# 441842
Mortgage Network, Inc.
155 South Main Street Suite 301
Providence, RI 02906
Office: (401) 450-0852
Mobile: (401) 644-4066

Specializing in: East Side Real Estate financing, Barrington financing, Boston Condo lending, Luxury Condo lending, Doctor Loans, Brown University Employee mortgages, and Providence condos.